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Learning Agility on the Camino - Guest on "Agile Mindset" by Ansgar Wimmer (German Podcast)

The podcast "Agile Mindset - Impulse für's Agil sein" has accompanied me for a while now in my work as a trainer and consultant for agile teams and agile leadership. I had the pleasure of meeting Ansgar at a Meetup, where I was the speaker and talked about my experiences on the Way of St. James. Ansgar is an experienced Agile Coach. I'm thankful for the chance to join him on his podcast to connect the oldest way of traveling with new agile ways of working.

What we talked about (German language)

  • Insights into life as a pilgrim

  • What I learned form pilgrimage for agile working

  • Why it is so valuable to be aware of what is instead of chasing expectations


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