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Dorothea Ward Career und Leadership Coaching München

I am Thea

"When you say yes to others, make sure you are not saying no to yourself."


This sentence hangs on my living room wall and reminds me every day
that I haven't heeded it for far too long.


For over thirty years I ran after the ideal of doing everything right and well,
to live a right and good life.


The success proved me right back then. I received a research award for my master’s thesis, worked in international startups and a large media group in the field of personnel and organizational development, had a large group of friends and went on inspiring trips. I was a great student, helpful colleague, hardworking worker, reliable friend, daughter, partner.


Outside expectations were my compass.


Whenever I dared to take a few steps into my freedom, I lost my courage. I quickly returned to what appeared to be a safe path. At some point I had to realize: this is not my life that I was living. And I had no idea how to change that.


What then followed were years of radical change - inside and out.


I took a break and made a pilgrimage of over 1000 kilometers on the Camino de Santiago, quit my permanent position and dared to start again. Today I work as a freelance Coach and as New Work Consultant in a sustainaibility consultancy. I work every day to create a life for myself that fits my strengths, talents, needs and values ​​and in which I can be effective.


In times of uncertainty and digital upheaval, the inner compass is more important than ever.


Would you like to set off too?


Dorothea Ward, Speaker, Coach für Führungskräfte und Karrierecoaching München



Be real.

Only when we show who we are and say what we need will we get what we really want. I communicate honestly and appreciatively, and like to get to the point. When working together, I value cooperative partnerships.

Think innovatively.
As a New Work Consultant, I love to enable personal development and transformation processes. I think outside the box and use creativity and innovation methods to break new ground and enable innovative solutions. Because problems can never be solved with the same mindset that created them (that's from A. Einstein).

Act sustainably.
What we do today shapes the world we live in tomorrow. The topics of mindfulness, sustainability and taking responsibility play an important role in my work. My north star is the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030. I also support projects that pursue socially, economically and ecologically sustainable goals.


  • 10 years experience in media, tech and digital industry (startups, corporations and consulting).

  • 8 years of experience in the areas of New Work and organizational development, talent management,
    leadership development and corporate learning.


  • ICF certified training as a solution-oriented short-term coach (2020, Solution Surfers Munich).

  • Training as an organizational designer for agile organizations and teams (2021, intrinsify Academy).

  • MSc Human Resource Management
    (2013, MLU Halle-Wittenberg).


  • BA Communication Sciences and Psychology
    (2010, FSU Jena).


  • Experienced moderator for training, team workshops and learning events, speaker and initiator.

Dorothea Ward, Speaker, Coach für Führungskräfte und Karrierecoaching München

Ich biete derzeit Online Coaching Sessions per Videocall auf Deutsch und Englisch an.

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